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Hello, I am Anushree! aka My Word Bubble

I’m a blogger, book reviewer, freelancer, an avid reader and published poet based in Mumbai. Allow me to take you on a journey full of BOOKS, book reviews, author interviews, poetry, musings, interesting write ups and all that will tickle your nerdy mind-buds!

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I’m truly passionate about everything that I do and a true philomath- on a constant quest for learning. I provide various services like book reviews, social media handling, freelance writing and graphic designing, to name a few.

If you are an author looking to promote your book, a publisher or in need of guidance of any sort, I’m there for you!

I have reviewed 100’s of books till date from varied genres and have established beautiful relationships with everyone I have worked with.

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My first poetry book – Duende [Dwen-day] – The mysterious power of art to make you feel deeply, is out now! Click on the links below to buy:


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Working with Anushree was a great experience. She was thoroughly professional with deadlines and commitments, and the deliverables were received without any hassles. Great going!

Debotosh Chatterjee IRS BATCH 2016 – Author of ‘8 Things to do when you turn 20

“In view of the growing number of books being released to the public, the value of a book reviewer shines on more and more, as it is them that shines the light upon an otherwise missed out gem.

Anushree’s impeccable analysis and enthusiasm for in depth read shows through her reviews and are a must recommend.

-Dr Aswin Shaji – Author of ‘The Nirvanic heart

It was a wonderful opportunity to work with Anushree for the promotion of my first book – Why I’m Crazy About Japan. She is creative, quick & enthusiastic. I highly recommend working with her for her innovative ideas and her expertise in the field of book marketing. I wish her Good Luck and hope to work with her again in future.

– Ashutosh Rawal – Author of ‘Why I’m crazy about Japan’

“Anushree has been very helpful throughout the process and has written an honest review on all platforms. She is patient and hardworking and worth it.”

-Dr. Dwijisha Katkar – Author of ‘Butterflies and peppermint

“I loved the review that Anushree wrote for my book. It was clear, honest and beautiful. I enjoyed reading the review. And she published the review on Instagram, Amazon, Goodreads and her own Blog. I am glad to have a review from her!”

-Anam Tariq – Author of ‘A leaf upon a book

“There’s nothing that helps a budding author in her journey like an honest review. Anushree thoroughly explores the good, the bad and the ugly. Her service was impeccable and timely. For sure, she is in my list of go to bloggers for book promotion services.”

Shelma Sahayam (SS Merce) – Author of ‘The Land of Ataraxia Genesis’

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